And first of all, because quality of a linear-in is often worse than that of a linear-out, and the input is rarely used by users. The latter function, Audio Clean-Up, will be useful for improving almost killed MP3 files at a bitrate of Kbit and lower. Visit manufacturer site for details. With hope Creative will consider broader support in a future version. On the one hand, the USB bus used for connecting the card with a computer makes possible to connect the Extigy to any computer having a respective connector. This mode would suit better for DTT or Inspire speakers which have a more powerful central channel and where small speakers do not allow making a uniform sound environment without using of all 5 satellites.

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People who want to tackle multitrack recording or MIDI work should go with the Sound Blaster Audigy instead since its latency is 2ms or less, as opposed to the Extigy’s 40ms. Creative sound blaster extigy can be mounted flat on the desktop or stood on end and hot-plugged into host devices through freative USB 1.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Blster. However, Creative hasn’t made a quality jump yet, just an evolutionary one. Conclusion Our tests show that the Extigy can’t replace completely a modern sound card such as Audigy, but it successfully competes against the Audigy in sound quality and friendliness.

Of course, at creative sound blaster extigy product demo everything is dialed in and tweaked so that nothing can go wrong. When you unplug the Extigy or disconnect the USB cable the previous audio device will be activated and the system will return to creative sound blaster extigy initial state.


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Skip to main content. With this external sound card attached via USB, your computer can send and receive audio to and from MiniDisc players, DVD players, home-theater systems, surround-sound speakers, microphones, guitars, MIDI drum machines, and almost any other audio device you can think of, in digital, analog, or Dolby Digital surround sound. It is shown by the blind tests with instant reswitching between the cards and listening to creative sound blaster extigy on the reference Event acoustic system.

Software features According to the CoolEdit Pro diagnostics, the Extigy supports all known sound creative sound blaster extigy and reproduction formats. The Bottom Line This external sound card works great for watching DVDs, listening to tunes, or recording audio on your computer.

I wouldn’t suggest you try to sync your PDA, slund pics from your digicam, use your mouse, and push a 5. Other than that, it is nice.

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

Music does come creative sound blaster extigy the center and rear satellites but the stereo panorama gets worse. Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHzdB Creative also said that Extigy needs a separate USB controller for normal operation. That is extity a signal coming from computer sound devices can be considered high-quality in regard to Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment.

Wireless Power Is Coming.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy:

In the Windows ME the tested sample worked worse. Let’s compare the card with the Audigy. Obviously, if you’re watching a DVD then you’re not doing much else. Other Creative sound blaster extigy Labs First Looks.


All things considered, if you’re in the market for a 5. The beauty of the Extigy is that it can be used with any type of computer laptop or desktop or other sound source and generate creative sound blaster extigy high quality output found in the Audigy cards.

The best iPhone asks you to think different. This plug-ins work with considerable time delay so we suppose that the cteative except reverb have software nature like Winamp’s DSP plug-ins.

It turns even the most tin-eared music fan into a pro DJ. Box with software and manual only, no device or additional accessories, good condition. If you need the IEEE and at the same time an external unit with the maximum number of different interfaces you’d better go xound Audigy Creative sound blaster extigy or Audigy Platinum eX.

The Extigy was comfortable in every situation: Facebook shares plunge after creaative of slowing growth. What is available, however, is CMSS. Show More Show Less. The specification gives quite good parameters, much better than for linear-ins of different AC’97 codecs. And if you’re a creative sound blaster extigy user, then you really don’t have much choice if you want to watch DVDs in their full glory.