Five additional macro buttons Media keys Gaming mode option. Nothing stood out to me. Possibilities The number of possibilities the Anansi brings to the table is staggering. For players who have trouble with the finger dexterity required to hit these modifers in such a way, the Anansi can prove to be a valuable tool. Razer has very graciously sent me one of its Anansi MMO keyboards to review for you fine people. Minor issues I don’t have too many problems with the Anansi, if any at all, really. Anyway, enough of that.

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From around the web. The learning curve is not terribly difficult, but the new buttons require a razer anansi keyboard of relearning on the space bar and some added thumb dexterity. Possibilities The number of possibilities the Anansi brings to the table is staggering. Pressing raer key for these modifier combinations is a welcome treat. In the end, I was truly impressed not with the robustness of an MMO keyboard but the simple, sleek, razer anansi keyboard indestructible mechanical G6v2.

It was solid, easy to clean, and only razer anansi keyboard one flaw — the spacebar decided to up and quit. In fact, I play a lot of World of Warcraft. Each and every one of the above combinations of modifier keys were discussed, in detail, in conjunction with mouseover macros, key combos, and everything in between.

It feels awkward at first, but you get used to it.

The Razer anansi keyboard also features gazer “gaming mode” that completely disables the Windows key to avoid some slip-ups as well as stopping accidental alt-tabbing. If you have any questions for me based on this review or even on features that might not have been discussed, please let me know via email.


When you play a game this much, you get the tools made for it. This complaint is probably well-worn territory by now, but it deserves a mention. As usual, I have razer anansi keyboard few hardware review caveats. Just personal preference in use, I’d imagine. Players with larger hands and larger thumbs might have issue with precision razer anansi keyboard the smaller top row of modifiers, but the two bottom, larger keys are easily hit every time.

I’ve never had a keyboard that hasn’t completely and utterly quit on me before it was supposed to. It takes some getting used to, of course. The “under” buttons are best pressed with the thumb, and after pressing the left-ctrl button with my pinky for so razer anansi keyboard, it was a welcome change to slide my thumb down from the space bar and easily hit a few of the new keys. My hands rested nicely on the solid keys, and the layout was welcoming.

What I liked Awesome backlighting. As with my other hardware reviewsI use each product for a full week or more before making a razer anansi keyboard call and putting all of keyboarx thoughts together.

Reviewing the Razer Anansi MMO keyboard: A tricky little spider

Five additional macro buttons Media keys Gaming mode option. The braided cords are durable and withstand the constant desk-catches and cat attacks that I have razer anansi keyboard deal with on a daily basis.

As with most “new” idea implementations on MMO-centric hardware, I approach these oddities with confusion and caution. You’re just out of luck, if that’s the razer anansi keyboard. The multitude of ekyboard buttons or the media key buttons were never my cup of tea, mostly because these features never worked as intended for me.

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Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard – Best MMO Gaming Keyboard – Razer Europe

The Logitech G15 was razer anansi keyboard first keyboard razer anansi keyboard make me understand the power of gaming peripherals, causing a marked shift in my own reflection about the way I used the keyboard. If you want all of the lighting options, you’ll need to plug in the second, attached USB plug. Thankfully, the experience turned out to necessitate neither. The braided cord also makes it easier raxer tell where your Anansi is plugged into by the unique cord, unless you own a ton of Razer stuff.

Recently, I was on the Hunting Party Podcast with WoW Insider’s very keybozrd Euripedes and admittedly absent Frostheimand we talked about an extensive usage of keybinds.

Razer Anansi – MMO Gaming Keyboard

If I’m going to recommend a product, I need some time with it to get used to the crazy amounts of nuance that accompanies new technology. The default setup assigns razer anansi keyboard keys thusly: In razer anansi keyboard, this review was typed on the Anansi in order to give my household an audible break from the mechanical keyboard.

Modifier keys have been and will be the “new hotness” for a while, as long as MMOs and WoW in particular use so many abilities.